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When it’s time to get a new roof, you want to make sure that it is installed correctly – you want to put West Coast Roofing on the job. With years of experience, our crews can handle new roof installation and replacement quickly.
Residential Roofing Installation — Roofing Services in Dr. Santa Maria, CA
New roof installation and repairs
5-year new-installation warranty!
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Man Installing the Roof — Roofing Services in Dr. Santa Maria, CA
Residential roofing services:
• New construction
• Replacement of existing roofs
• Slate / tile repairs
• Steep and low pitch roofing
• Traditional tar and shingle roofing
Inspection and repairs
• Asphalt roof systems
• Cold process roofing

Two man installing Roof— Roofing Services in Dr. Santa Maria, CA
We'll explain your options:
From slate and lightweight tile roofs to traditional shingle roofs, you can count on our crews to install a weather-ready roof that crowns the home of your dreams or repair your existing roof to like new condition.
Contact us to find out the roofing options available to you, and we’ll make it happen as quickly as possible.